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The Eastman name has been synonymous with American innovation, and international esteem, since the mid-19th century.  It has been a catalyst for opportunity, it has embodied the very essence of invention, and it has steadfastly withstood periods of great social and economic change. The Eastman name has represented entrepreneurship and social advancement. It has been a fierce proponent of civil rights. It has built institutions of higher education, philanthropy, and art. The Eastman name has reached all corners of the globe, and it has fought injustice and inequality from New York to London. There are few names that have done more for the citizens of the world than the name Eastman.

Your Success and EBI – A Partnership for Your Future

It is this remarkable torch that the Eastman Business Institute now proudly carries into the 21st century. Like its predecessors, the Eastman School of Music and Eastman Business College, the Eastman Business Institute strives to be the best in its class. Our objective is simple; to be the finest, and most accommodating, online professional development institute in the world. Thus, we invite you to explore our online campus further, and to discover why Eastman Business Institute is the right partner to help you advance your career, better provide for your family, and further develop your understanding of the business world.

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