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About the Eastman Business Institute

The Eastman Business Institute represents the very best in professional and executive education.  We admit it, that’s a boastful statement. But we truly believe it, and we’ll tell you why. The Eastman Business Institute honors academic ritual, but not at the expense of social evolution. We respect and admire the achievements of the past, but remain open to the improvements of the future. We stand in awe of Ivy League excellence, but want to reach a broader and more diverse population. We relish the value of history, but we look forward to writing our own. The Eastman Business Institute aspires to be the best of both worlds; tradition and innovation.

In order to fulfill these lofty ambitions, our online curriculum is rooted in both theory and utility. Our course developers are experienced executives with advanced degrees, and academic credentials, across a multitude of concentrations. Our board of directors, and our academic leaders, have studied and worked both domestically and abroad. These people have designed programs intended to challenge you without discouraging you, and they have created platforms to support your development and to test your knowledge. They are accessible online via our virtual classrooms, and they are fully committed to ensuring your unconditional success.

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